Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dirty Northerner

Dirty Northerner, e.p./mini-album, its dope, enjoy :) also, this is the first of my projects since 2010, that does not have artwork created by Lil' Beezy :/

The Devils Advocate

Instrumental joint i put together, unfortunatley these are the only versions of these beats due to my harddrive dying on me :/ but fuck it, the shit is dope, download, bump, share with folks, but most importantly...enjoy !!! Artwork by Lil' Beezy :)

Blue Crack !!!

I'm determined to turn you all into Crackheads !! download it, enjoy it :) Lil' Beezy on the artwork again, big up !! Blue Crack...i'm the Heisenberg of Hip Hop


no idea what i was thinking when i made this, lol, a whole lotta weed smoke in my lungs when this was created :) its not the video i wanted for this song, but it works :) enjoy !!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

THE LIGHTS E.P. (2011)

THE LIGHTS E.P. (2011)
written, produced & mixed by Uncle Bungle for Northern Scum Productions, artwork by Lil Beezy as per, big up lass !!! hope you fuckers enjoy, new shit coming soon !! peace & love...

01 - The Lights
02 - Steel City Titans
03 - Make It Me 
04 - Laughter
05 - Drugs
06 - Sweet Love
07 - What More Can I Say

Friday, 1 July 2011


Tried my hand at a drun&bass tune, came out aiight, heres the download link if you like it...
enjoy...peace & love....

Monday, 27 June 2011

Ordinary Fool - 2011 - official slideshow/video

If this seems rather emo to you, its cos it kinda is, i was in a very bad place in my head when i wrote this, and  this was my way of dealing with situations & stuff, you dont have to like it at all, thats cool, i was just getting feelings out & getting my head straight.....its only a slide show, so dont get excited about the video, its not about that, its about the music :) Enjoy.....peace & love....