Monday, 13 December 2010


Uncle Bungle - RedRum (2005)

I was fucked on....somethin....lets just say i was fucked when i did this beat, another outstanding performance lyrically too....

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Uncle Bungle Classics part 01

Sittin Wonderin (2005)

Quite possibly my finest moment yet, lyrically, over a nice Al Green loop that sets the tone completely, it really is awesome, enjoy....

KT Tunstall - Fade Like A Shadow (uncle bungle remix) 2010

I did this remix just for the fun of it, nice, mellow, laid back, weed smokers a couple of pics of this broad for "video" of sorts, quite tasty....

download it here.....
KT Tunstall - Fade Like A Shadow (uncle bungle remix) 2010

Audiotherapy - 2009

ok, so i did this in 2009, its instrumental, with a couple of remixes on there, i was really really high when i made this, so you're best off being really really high when you listen to it, otherwise you might not get it :/ it was also one of the last things i produced on Fruity Loops 3.......artwork by Lil' Beezy, big ups again...

Uncle Bungle - Audiotherapy (2009)
01 - Kliion Jensen Intro
02 - Audiotherapy
03 - 3 Sixes
04 - Deep Within My Soul_featuring Bobby Bland
05 - Stroke Of Genius
06 - Yardcore - Sweet Pussy Pauline
07 - Seventh Day
08 - Grafitti
09 - He's A Monster
10 - Dance Of The Polar Bear
11 - Since You Been Gone_featuring Kelly Clarkson
12 - Kliion Jensen Outro

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Heres the download link & tracklist for the Numpty e.p. maxi single or however u wanna describe it, 3 tracks, all produced by me, enjoy....Big Up to Lil' Beezy for the artwork, looking good :)

(1) Numpty
(2) The Answer
(3) Candyman

Uncle Bungle - Numpty (2010)

download it, pass it on to ya friends, enjoy !!


I went for a job interview today, thought it might be a good idea to take the camera with me, got a bit of footage, chopped it up, rearranged it, blended it, stuck it back together, and came up with this...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


This is a blend of videos i took while on holiday in Tunisia this past February, so i put my tune to it, i think its good, it aint about cool storyboards & effects or anything like that, i just wanted to share parts of my African experience....
 will post the ep/single soon...

Monday, 15 November 2010

06 - Uncle Bungle - 19 Year Old Female (2010)

This video is blatantly NOT about the video, i was bored, needed to do something, so i did this, i thought it better than just having the artwork as the video...filmed it in my bedroom when i was really really stoned :)

Videos -

unsure of how to post videos on here, so until i learn how to, ya gonna have to go to the youtube page manually :/ slightly less efficient, but fuck it, its better than not seeing them at all....

Sunday, 14 November 2010

also go check out....

Friday, 12 November 2010

Uncle Bungle - The Master Plan EP (2010)

This is the newest shit from me, recorded in DJ Vagabonds living room & my bedroom, this was fun, 7 tracks of heavyness, produced by yours truely with features from Impact, Nate & Skampoe...

This is just a warm up for the album i'm working on, i got a couple of videos in the works for this e.p. which will be posted as soon as they're done...

click on the link, scroll to the bottom, and hit download, when you got it, bump it loud, enjoy....

Uncle Bungle - The Master Plan EP (2010)

Big up to Lil' Beezy for the artwork, keep it simple, exactly how i like it...

Intro - Steel City Pioneer

ok, so this is ya Uncle Bungle aka Dutt Beezy aka Kliion Jensen aka Ya Moms New Boyfriend, been rapping since 1988, been making beats since about the same time, so yes, i'm old skool, this is gonna be like my website, where ya gonna be able to download music, watch videos, & get any information you may need to know......i'm one third of the group Lakra, with Renk One & Navarone, check out

on here is gonna be my other music, meaning my solo hip hop, that which is not hip hop, remixes of other artists, instrumentals, as much of my back catalogue as i can get my hands on, solo stuff, Lost Soulz stuff, Devilz Of Kimone stuff, collabo's, stuff i produced for other people....

enjoy, follow, get in touch....peace